November 2, 2020

Tools on a Budget: 5 Tips for Buying Refurbished Tools

Are you in need of a few more tools for your business, but looking to keep it under budget? Do you need a certain tool that broke down with a small time window before putting it to use? If so, then you should consider buying refurbished tools to do so.

Going the refurbished tools route can help you find the factory tools, cordless tools, or lawn tools that you desperately need. You’ll be able to save on price while still getting your hands on high-quality items.

See below for a guide with several tips you can use while you shop around for refurbished tools on the open market.

1. Give Yourself Options

You wouldn’t purchase the first car that you found on a dealership lot. Why do any differently with the refurbished cordless tools that you’re shopping for? 

Impulsivity usually leads to purchasing tools that won’t last long or don’t get the job correctly. For example, if you order to cheapest used drill you can find online, you might find out that all the drill bits are dull and unusable.

To avoid that catastrophe, you want to provide yourself with several options. If you’re looking for refurbished lawn tools, then make sure to find different brands and models to find the perfect fit.

The more options that you give yourself, the more likely you are to find a “Goldilocks” combination of price, quality, durability, and productivity. Search for refurbished tools from an ROI standpoint, not a “cheap as possible” standpoint.

2. Create a Budget

Maybe you’re only shopping for one tool at a time. Perhaps you’re choosing the refurbished tools route so that you can buy one for each member of your team and not spend a fortune.

Whatever the case might be, everyone has a budget. A price that they can’t afford to go over. However, some people don’t take the time to find out what that budget looks like before purchasing the tools they’re looking for, which can complicate matters.

Start this process by creating a budget. If you need to buy one for each worker, then how much can you afford to pay per person? If you’re looking for a bigger item, what price range are you comfortable paying?

Having a budget handy will keep you accountable as you shop. This can also help you negotiate the price down on certain items. Inform the other party of your budget and see if they’re willing to accommodate it.

3. Give It a Test Run

Simply put, you should never purchase a refurbished tool that you haven’t tried for yourself.

Even if you’ve used and depended on the brand and model for years, you want to try out the specific tool that you’ll be purchasing. If the previous owner had poor preventative maintenance, then the tool might not work as well as you’d hoped.

If you’re purchasing a lawnmower, then see how it runs. if you’re buying a power drill, then put it in your hands and give it a whirl. How does it feel? Is there any lack of power? Does the tool stall at all when you try to start it?

As tedious as it might be, you’ll want to test out all the tools that you purchase if you’re buying for an entire team of people. Even one tool that doesn’t work as expected will be a major waste of money for your business. 

Gather several different options online for the tools you’re looking for. From there, start reaching out to the sellers and organize a time for you to stop by and try them out. Offer to buy the item with cash-in-hand if they allow you to test it beforehand.

4. Focus on Quality 

Believe it or not, price isn’t everything when shopping for refurbished tools. The fact that you’re going the refurbished route is going to save you money by default.

Don’t get so hung up on the price that you miss out on high-quality tools. They won’t be up for sale very long, so be ready to jump on the offer as soon as they come around.

Too many people fixate on finding the cheapest refurbished tools they can. But doing so might cost you more money if you have to turn around and replace the refurbished tool you just purchased.

Keep an eye out for reputable brands. If you don’t know much about the brands of the tools you’re looking at, then do some homework beforehand.

5. Ask for a Warranty

Sometimes the sale doesn’t work out. Something fluky happens and causes the refurbished item that you purchased to power down for good.

Those moments are the reason that you’ll want to find refurbished items that offer a warranty or guarantee. That way, you can get your money back or switch out for another refurbished tool if the one you purchased stops working.

Any time that a seller offers a warranty or 30-day guarantee, be sure to get it in writing. The only way you can ensure they’ll abide by the guarantee is if you have a written agreement with their signature on it.

Find the Best Refurbished Tools for Your Needs

Now that you’ve seen several tips on how to find the best refurbished tools online, it is time for you to start your search. 

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